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Dani Pruett was a Police Officer for over 18 years, 16 of those spent interviewing victims, suspects, witnesses, and perpetrators of serious sexual offences. In 2014 she was one of the first police officers in the UK to trained in polygraph testing, following which she tested for Hertfordshire police until her retirement in February 2022.  

Dani has been instrumental in implementing polygraph testing as a risk assessment tool for the police.  

Dani joined BMUK after retiring from the police. Her role includes supervising and mentoring all police and probation polygraph examiners nationally, both on-site and remotely. She also provides training to the police and probation practitioners in order to maintain their accreditation and complete the necessary quality assurance on polygraph reports.

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Dani Pruett

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Tim, Dani and Ned all have backgrounds as detectives working for UK police forces. 

They were amongst the first police officers to be trained in the use of polygraph back in 2014.

They left the police in 2021, at which time they were the most experienced police polygraph examiners in the country. 

Since then they have continued to carry out polygraph testing and maintained close contact with the police.

The police use polygraph primarily with sex offenders as a safeguarding tool. The polygraph interview and examination can assist with establishing whether offenders are complying with any restrictions or undertaking risk taking behaviours.

A study of police work by the university of Kent concluded that “Polygraph testing, regardless of whether voluntary or mandatory, elicits more information relevant to risk”. 

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Tim has been trained as a polygraph examiner since 2014. He was amongst the first group of police officers to be trained in the UK. Since then, he has carried out over 500 polygraph examinations on behalf of the police. He has also completed Safeguarding polygraph examinations relating to psychological assessments for the football association and NHS.  

In 2018 Tim was invited to Baltimore, Maryland to speak at the International Seminar of the American Polygraph Association (APA) about his pioneering work in the UK. 

In 2019 Tim was interviewed on BBC radio 5 live about the value of polygraph as a Safeguarding tool.

Tim has been at the forefront of developing polygraph and some of his research has been published in the  APA’s Journal of Science and Field Practice. 

Tim is now retired from the police but continues to work closely with law enforcement; he keeps up to date with developments affecting police and partner agencies.  He regularly attends safeguarding training  and has recently completed courses in safer recruitment and Prevent. 

Tim Benson

Ned is a retired police detective with over 20 years’ experiences in serious crime investigation and expertise in registered sex offender management, identifying risk to safeguard vulnerable people. Ned trained as a polygraph examiner in 2015 with a speciality in Post Convicted Sex Offenders (PCSOT). 

Ned’s experience has enabled him to deliver presentations to the National MOSOVO (Management of Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders) conference and the Public Protection multi agency conference in Belfast.

Since retiring from law enforcement, Ned has continued conducting polygraph examination work abroad and, in the UK, which have included safeguarding evaluations for Children’s Services in Ireland and safeguarding and screening tests for an international school in Indonesia. 

Ned is an associate member American Polygraph Association (APA) and maintains his CPD accreditation with Behavioural Measures UK, who continue to provide the training and quality control for UK police and probation polygraph examiners.    

Ned Kelly

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