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As a clinical and forensic psychologist who has worked in the child exploitation and safeguarding space for several decades, I have found the polygraph is often a critical component in the area of risk assessment.  Whether unearthing undetected sexual behaviour or helping to confirm someone has not engaged in particular criminal conduct, the polygraph has been an extremely useful tool for obtaining information about the subjects I am asked to assess.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ned from Credibility Matters during a complex safeguarding case involving multiple parties.  From start to finish he was a consummate professional and it was clear he adhered to the highest ethical standards and best practices in the field.  I have worked with many polygraph examiners in the past, and the quality of his work was truly exceptional.  Further, his reports were well-written and comprehensive, which made it easy to assimilate his findings into the body of my risk assessment. 

I should add that Ned’s personality lends itself extremely well to collaborative work.  He is reliable, honest, and insightful.  But he is also friendly and easy to work with, and an effective working relationship is important when so much is on the line. 

In short, if you are looking for competence, you will undoubtedly find a group of people with the requite credentials.  If you are looking for skill in the area of safeguarding, you may find that number reduced to only a handful of individuals with this specialised training.  But if you are looking for true expertise, I suggest you look no farther than Ned from Credibility Matters.  I recommend his services wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Dr Michael Bourke 

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Tim, Dani and Ned all have backgrounds as detectives working for UK police forces. 

They were amongst the first police officers to be trained in the use of polygraph back in 2014.

They left the police in 2021, at which time they were the most experienced police polygraph examiners in the country. 

Since then they have continued to carry out polygraph testing and maintained close contact with the police.

The police use polygraph primarily with sex offenders as a safeguarding tool. The polygraph interview and examination can assist with establishing whether offenders are complying with any restrictions or undertaking risk taking behaviours.

A study of police work by the university of Kent concluded that “Polygraph testing, regardless of whether voluntary or mandatory, elicits more information relevant to risk”. 

Click here to see the study. 

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Articles and Studies

CAD Cleared Shelf Initiative Study

It relates to some research by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) called "Cleared Shelf".  

Some years ago, when CBP first set up their polygraph program they tested about 300 applicants who had cleared all the other applicant processes and were ready for hiring.  This group became the first to undergo polygraph testing for that agency.  The polygraph examiners found many these clear applicants had a history of disqualifying behaviour that the other processes had failed to identify. 

Recent Articles 

Dani has written an article for the American Polygraph Association Magazine entitled "Tom Morgan"

Tom Morgan is a UK Polygraph examiner and Dani conducted an interesting interview with Tom

Dani has written an article for the American Polygraph Association Magazine entitled "A Measure of Success in the U,K,"

She discusses the Mandatory use of Polygraph testing.

Recent Studies

Tim, Ned and Dani are highly experienced polygraph examiners.  I and colleagues were responsible for the quality control of their work when they carried out tests for the police, which was always of an excellent standard. We continue to provide their quality control now that they are testing in a private capacity, and I can confirm that they continue to perform to a high level. They interact well with examinees, the technical aspects of their work is excellent, and their conclusions are sound. They can be depended upon to conduct reliable and valid polygraph examinations that will withstand scrutiny. 

Professor Don Grubin

CEO, Behavioural Measures UK

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