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What are examples of investigation?

• Conducting background checks to establish the integrity of a person’s claims. 

• Validating source material to determine its truth or authenticity. 

• Establishing someone’s participation or knowledge of an event.


Suspicion in the workplace can cause disharmony and have a pernicious effect on staff morale. 

Using polygraph as part of internal investigations can provide reassurance avoiding rumour and speculation.

What is the meaning of investigation?

An investigation is the process where a thorough search of the facts is undertaken to determine the truth of how or why something occurred.

What is the role of the investigator?

An investigator works with organisations, businesses, individuals and law enforcement agencies to assist in determining the truth. 

As part of the investigation process, an investigator may conduct interviews, obtain witness statements, and compile reports to identify any actions required. 

What are the 5 steps of the investigation process?

• Instigation

• Initial Investigation

• Evidential Evaluation

• Charge 

• Court

Regardless of what kind of investigation you are conducting, sometimes you just need an extra level of scrutiny to assist with decisions in process and direction. 

Polygraph is a great tool to assist with eliminating someone’s involvement or participation, open new lines of enquiry and add strength to any policy decisions you make.  

Although Polygraph is not currently used as evidence in court proceedings, Credibility Matters believe it can add value to any investigation, providing new lines of enquiry, eliminating a person’s participation and corroborating what is already known or believed to be factually true. 

How can polygraph assist in the investigation process?

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