Pre-Employment Screening and Vetting

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What does pre-employment screening involve?

It is the process of verifying the applicant's credentials and eligibility for the job that they are applying for. 

The types of pre-employment screening can include reference checks, right to work, medical checks, criminal record checks.

Pre-Employment Screening and Vetting

Do you have concerns with your employment and vetting processes and feel they fall short when recruiting the best applicant? 

A structured polygraph is a great tool for identifying any previously undisclosed concerning behaviours that would preclude employment within your company. 

What is a vetting process?

The vetting process is a thorough investigation of an individual, entity or company to make a decision on whether the entity requesting the process moves forward with them.

This is particularly pertinent for people working with children or vulnerable adults. When employees let you down it can be disastrous for those they are responsible for and extremely damaging for the reputation of the company.

Employers often rely on references although these can be difficult to verify; for example, when they come from abroad. Often there are gaps in employment history which are unexplained or suspicious. Sadly, it is easy to obtain fake exam certificates to misrepresent education history too.

Criminal Records Checks – such as DBS - will only highlight when bad behaviour has come to the attention of the authorities. 

As we know from many high-profile news stories – many abusers continue for years before getting caught.  

How can polygraph assist?

Direct questions can be asked during a polygraph concerning any history of inappropriate behaviour such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, paedophilic activity or theft. 

The results can help corroborate what the subject has said or flag areas for further investigation.

What shows up on a pre-employment background check?

• Criminal records

• Your right to work

• Credit history

• Employment history including gaps

• Education history. 

How can a polygraph assist in the Pre-Employment Screening and Vetting process?

Many industries now require extensive vetting during recruitment to verify applicants’ credentials and eligibility for the job they are applying for.  

This is referred to as pre-employment screening. It is the process of verifying the applicant’s credentials and eligibility for the job. It can include reference checks, right to work, medical checks, criminal record checks and credit history.

But regular vetting checks can also take place throughout the length of employment.

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