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What is safeguarding?

Every organisation has a duty to prevent harm, abuse and harassment from occurring. To protect people (especially vulnerable adults and children) from harm and to act upon any information received when a safeguarding concern has been raised. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Regular polygraph tests for those who come into contact with children and vulnerable adults can provide organisations an extra level of protection.


Protecting the vulnerable in society is the primary goal of any organisation tasked with looking after children and vulnerable adults.

Regular polygraph tests for those who have contact with vulnerable adults and children in the course of their work

What are the 6 principles of safeguarding?

  • Empowerment 
  • Prevention
  • Proportionality
  • Accountability
  • Protection
  • Partnership

How do you conduct a safeguarding risk assessment?

  • Consider who might be at risk
  • Investigate all reports
  • Identify the risk and likelihood of harm
  • Prioritise the risks depending on likelihood and impact
  • Put in place safeguards and resources
  • Monitor and review

What are the 5 principles of risk assessment?

  • Identify hazards
  • Assess the risks
  • Control the risks
  • Record your findings
  • Review the controls

How does a polygraph form part of a safeguarding risk assessment?


Credibility Matters are often asked to conduct polygraph examinations for clients who have responsibilities for looking after children in care or working with children and vulnerable adults.  A polygraph examination can assist as a risk assessment suitability tool. 


When a safeguarding report has been made, a polygraph can assist with a risk assessment to guide an investigation. 

What are the five main forms of abuse?






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